Beatty Point is released in an open edition, and available for online orders.

This is a striking photograph of Beatty Point in Kolob Canyons, Utah. The composition beautifully captures the grandeur of the canyon walls with their rich, warm hues of red and orange sandstone. The play of light and shadow across the cliff faces brings out the intricate textures and layers, telling a story of geological time that spans millions of years.

The photograph was taken during a time of day when the light is soft yet bright enough to illuminate the details of the rugged terrain. The sky above provides a gentle contrast with soft, muted tones of the late afternoon light. The greenery sprinkled at the base of the cliffs offers a refreshing splash of color, which emphasizes the arid beauty of the landscape.

The photographer has framed the shot to include a broad perspective of the canyon, allowing viewers to appreciate the scale and majesty of the natural formations. It’s an image that invites the observer to not only admire the beauty of the scene but also to ponder the natural processes that have shaped such an awe-inspiring landscape over eons. This photograph showcases the natural beauty of the American Southwest.

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