Sand Castle is released in an open edition, and available for online orders.

This fine art photograph taken in Capitol Reef National Park showcases a striking formation of sandstone that mimics the grandiosity of a sand castle. The scene is bathed in the warm, soft light of the setting sun coming in from the left, which dramatically enhances the natural reds and oranges of the stone. The image encapsulates the essence of ephemeral beauty and geological history,

The sunlight accentuates the layered bands of sediment, carving out the textures and contours with high contrast and deep shadows, giving the image a three-dimensional quality. The natural towers stand prominently against the pale sky, while the layered cliffs in the background offer a paler counterpoint to the vivid formations. The composition is a testament to the timeless beauty of natural geological processes and the splendor of the desert landscape in the golden hour.

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