Driftwood Morning is released in an open edition, and available for online orders.

This photograph is a striking example of the natural artistry that can be found at Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia. The composition utilizes the silhouetted shapes of the driftwood against the dawn sky, which is subtly illuminated with soft oranges and blues hinting at the sun’s imminent rise. The long exposure technique renders the ocean into a smooth, calming presence, while the clouds provide a textured backdrop that adds depth to the sky.

The intricate forms of the driftwood, a defining feature of the beach, are beautifully outlined by the emerging daylight, showcasing the intricate textures and the interplay between light and shadow. The foreground features a tangle of weathered wood, whose twisted forms suggest a dance frozen in time, leading the viewer’s gaze across the frame. In the background, the horizon line is clean and minimalistic, with just a hint of sunlight breaking through the clouds, offering a promise of the warmth to come.

The pebbled beach adds texture to the lower portion of the frame, grounding the ethereal scene with a sense of ruggedness and the reality of nature’s enduring strength. This photograph encapsulates the essence of Driftwood Beach, known for its haunting beauty and the quiet drama of its landscape. It’s a testament to the early morning’s tranquil beauty and the artist’s ability to capture the profound stillness of the dawn.

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