Live Oak is released in an open edition, and available for online orders.

This photograph captures the essence of the Southern Gothic ambiance with a canopy of live oak branches intertwined elegantly, festooned with Spanish moss that dangles like ethereal curtains.

The interplay of light and shadow across the twisted limbs creates a dynamic mosaic of varying shades of green.

The understory is accentuated by the verdant fronds of palmetto bushes, introducing a textural contrast to the rugged bark of the oaks.

This image is a tribute to the quiet grandeur of Jekyll Island’s Driftwood Beach, conveying a sense of timelessness and the profound tranquility that one can find in the embrace of nature’s ancient sentinels.

The photograph, through its wide panoramic perspective, invites the viewer to step into this lush Southern tableau, a living tapestry of flora that stands as a testament to the unique beauty of Georgia’s coastal landscapes.

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